Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bombay Deluxe

Guess the cuisine!

This past week we headed into midtown for an Indian food treat. Bombay Deluxe is located in a strip mall (Valhalla Center, near REI and Title Wave). But like so many modest looking restaurants here, it has absolutely great food.
Their lunch buffet has a great variety of foods and has options that will please both vegetarians and carnivores. The day we were there, a variety of different regional cooking styles were represented, as well as some staples - naan, rice, raita, sauces and pickles. Some of the dishes included chicken tandoor, vegetable korma, potato and eggplant curry, and much more. (I didn't think to write down everything they had - I was way too busy eating and saying "mmmmmm") Everything we had was delicious - between the two of us we sampled a little bit of everything on offer, and we cleaned our plates. And I mean cleaned them; we used our naan to mop up all the sauces. Everything was well cooked and expertly seasoned. Each dish had a depth of flavor with a lot of subtle layers, none of which were overwhelming. We also had Indian spiced tea, which was warming and delicious. {Mr EA comment - make sure to order the tea!}
The decor is nice - a layer of Indian stuff, some hoky and some authentic looking - overlaying your standard strip-mall interior, so I liked it a lot. The service is pleasant, and they have cosy booths that make the seating nicely private. Their dinner menu is quite extensive, and we are looking forward to going back to sample some more of their delicious fare. Normally lunch buffets are much inferior to the normally prepared meals. If that is true, this is my new favorite restaurant!

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