Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some Revisits

Not all that much exciting or new, just some revists to old favorites and some updates on earlier posts.
Modern Dweller's Chocolate Lounge - went back yesterday and had yet a third kind of drinking chocolate! This time it was Silky Dark, which was rich and delicious, as you might expect if you are a dark chocolate lover. I thought it was a bit less nuanced that the other flavors, but it is still incredibly good! We also bought a sample box of four truffles. They are not cheap, but they are worth the cost if -again-you like chocolate. What makes their confections worth the price is that they make somewhat unusual items. One of their truffles has a blueberry ganache and is garnished with a tiny dried anchovy. It sounds gross, yet I am compelled to try it at some point. I trust them that much! But not just yet. So far we have shared a Pistachio Passion yesterday and today's was Purple Infusion. I am quoting from their description now - "Lemon zest white ganache enrobed in a dark chocolate shell. Topped with salted pistachio nuts" is of course the pistachio one. Purple Infusion is "smooth, fragrant lavendar ganache encased in layers of delightful dark chocolate. Garnished with petals of lavendar." They are every bit as rich and delicious as they sound! Still in the box are Margarita Zing and Blueberry Patch. I'll let you know. The lounge itself has a great, arty atmosphere, it smells wonderful, and they have incredible chocolate. It doesn't get much better than this.
Raven's Brew coffee - We took the plunge and bought a few more bags of Raven's Brew coffees. Dead Man's Reach, which we bought about a month ago, is still our favorite, but it is really a matter of degrees. So far we have also tried Billy Goat (that is not the full name, but this is a family website. Check their site if you are curious), Wicked Wolf, and Killer Brew. All three are smooth and rich, no acid edge to any of them. The only (minor) drawback is the price, but we are keeping them for weekend morning coffees, when we have time to really enjoy them. The price is not unreasonable, mind you, it's just a little high for everyday use for us.
Village Inn - went back in for brunch this morning. Spurred on by a recent ADN article extolling hollandaise sauce, we needed something rich and decadent for breakfast this morning. We each got one of their famous skillets. We each left food on our plates, but that is more a function of the meal's quantity, not their quality. Village Inn, we salute you, though our arteries are paying the price.

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