Friday, January 9, 2009

Mexico in Alaska

Last night Mr EA and I went out to Mexico in Alaska. I had been hearing about it from a coworker for a while, and we tried to visit over the Christmas weekend but found that they were closed for the holidays. Anyway, we finally got to eat there last night, and had a great meal.
The restaurant bills itself as the only authentic Mexican restaurant in Alaska, and I believe it. Although Taco King comes close, it has a more limited menu and a more fast-food sensibility. I should also point out that if you are looking for a Fiesta themed sports bar, this is not your place. Go to Gallo's instead-they have big screen TVs and not much else going for them. However, if you want a charming restaurant with absolutely delicious food, Mexico in Alaska is where you want to go.
Mr EA and I each had Combo plates, mostly because so many things looked interesting and we just couldn't decide. The phrase "combo plate", which signifies mediocrity at lesser restaurants, is elevated here to a sampling of surprisingly delicious food.
The combo plates came with the standards - salad, rice and refried beans. None of these standard items were like the tarted-up fast food versions - everything had the taste of expertly house-made food. The salad was composed of fresh greens with cilantro and a slice of buttery avocado. The beans were the most pleasant surprise - they had a very slightly vinegary flavor and a wonderful texture, not mushy and tinny like they unfortunately often are. My tamale was good as well, with a savory cornmeal dough around a nicely spiced meat filling. My burrito, which I got soft rather than deep-fried, was also good. The filling was tasty, but what really sent it over the top was the tortilla. The fresh house-made tortillas at Mexico in Alaska are one of it's glories. If you've never had a fresh tortilla, that will probably sound like an exaggeration, but I assure you, it's not. They are a bit chewier and more flavorful than mass-produced tortilla. The combination of texture and taste make them irresistable. Mr EA had a quesadilla, which was delicious - tangy cheese and sharp onion in another one of those fresh tortilla. The other item on his plate was a beef enchilada, which came with a good serving of their special mole sauce. That was all delicious too. Flavorful, tender beef and rich sauce made this another outstanding dish.
We were thinking about sharing an order of flan, but were extremely full by the time we finished that. I consoled myself with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate, which is rich and flavored with cinnamon and possibly a little cardamom, although I wouldn't swear to the cardamom.
The menu has many intriguing options, and we look forward to working our way through it!

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