Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Glacier BrewHouse

I got to the Glacier BrewHouse twice this past week - it was my birthday on Monday and I insist everyone make a fuss. Therefore Mr EA took me there for lunch on Saturday, and my kind coworkers (of earlier post fame) took me there for lunch on Monday. Both times my meal was delicious!
Located downtown on 5th street, the BrewHouse is a warm, relaxed spot with a wood-oriented decor and a big central fireplace adding to the atmosphere. The tables by the fire are the most coveted - we got one for Monday's lunch and it was pretty neat! On my first visit I got a cheesesteak sandwich with au jus and fries and Mr EA got fish and chips. My sandwich, while not an "authentic" Philly style steak sandwich, was really tasty. The meat was really beefy and tender, the mushrooms and cheese went with it perfectly, and the roll was crusty and . The fries could be a little crispier, but they were sprinkled with what tasted like parmesan cheese. The real standout, though, was the jus. It was perfect - rich, beefy, and just tasty as all getout. By the end of the meal we were dipping everything in it, my sandwich, pickle chips, fries, it makes everything better.
On Monday's lunch, I got a small Mediterranean pizza, which was also great. It had tomato, olives, artichoke, pesto, and the rest of the typical toppings for this style of 'za. It was delicious, and was more than I can eat at one sitting. It was great for Tuesday's lunch, too!
If you are looking for a great casual restaurant, a hair nicer than a bar and grill, but not quite a fine dining spot, then the Glacier BrewHouse is a great choice.

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