Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The New Cauldron

Situated in the University Center on Old Seward Highway, the New Cauldron is a casual eatery leaning toward the Italian end of things, but featuring standard sandwiches and soups as well. My friends and I have ordered lunch delivery to work from then a couple of times, and been at the restaurant in person once, and it's all been good!
They do deliver, but if you call close to lunchtime, expect a certain level of charming confusion on the other end of the line. But be patient and fear not! It will get there, and it will be tasty. I have had an array of sandwiches, and soup once, and again, everything has been good. When we went to the restaurant, I even placed a sort-of-special order, and they got it exactly right with no problem. The specialness was to ask for the bacon on my BLT extra-crispy, and it came out shatteringly crisp but not burned. That's unusual enough for it to be notable. It's generally either flooby and see-through raw or black and carbonized. Bleah! Bacon is one of life's great pleasures, but one of life's great disappointments when it goes wrong. (Yes, I know. This is a first world problem.) My friend's soup and sandwich were also good, and she enjoyed them, though they filled her up. This brings me to another good point of The New Cauldron - the portions are ample, but not stupidly huge. The restaurant itself is a nice place, done up in warm tones of orange and red, but not fussy. Also, some of their tables look out on the majestic view of the mall below (it is on the second floor), which is kind of nice. Is it a palace of gourmet ecstasy? No. But you know, not everything has to be. If it was, most of us would get nothing done, and we would be hugely fat. What it is though, is a nice place which will feed you good food that will leave you satisfied to your core in the way that a good solid lunch will. Go there, you won't be sorry!
No information on the status of the Old Cauldron.

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Laurie Constantino said...

the cauldron - or at least a restaurant with the samish logo as the new cauldron - was a restaurant and folk music venue in downtown anchorage perhaps where sacks' is now but if not there in the near vicinity. seems like it was popular in the mid 70s and early 80s. thanks for this review - the new cauldron is someplace i've meant to eat at for years but haven't actually gone.