Sunday, December 28, 2008

Raven's Brew Coffee

A recent semi-local treat I just had was Raven's Brew coffee. Although, somewhat obviously, the coffee is not grown here, it is locally roasted and therefore counts as local - more or less.

Anyway, we recently tried their Dead Man's Reach blend, and it is the best I have ever had, hands down. I drink my coffee black, so I really get the full flavor of it - sometimes that's a bad thing. In this case, it's a very good thing! Dead Man's Reach is very rich and full-bodied, but lacking in that acid-y edge that so often makes coffee less than a pleasure to drink. I will admit, I initially bought the coffee because of the humorous label design, figuring that it couldn't be any worse than what I normally drink. In this case, the coffee is actually better than its packaging suggests.

Many of the popular brands, such as Starbucks, are really acidy and terrible when you drink them black. They really seem to be designed to be smothered with gallons of sugary dreck. Not Raven's Brew - it tastes as delicious as it smells, and that's saying something. We are looking forward to trying their other blends, and will report back when we do! Don't know if this stuff is available via retail in the lower 48. If you like good coffee, it's worth a look. Of course, you could just visit them here and order some. You'll be glad you did!


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog makes me want to jump in my car and drive to Anchorage, well except for the fact that it is 40 below here in Fairbanks and my poor old car won't even make it 10 miles to town to buy groceries! Although, I could be like the rest of the Fairbanksans and leave it running while I am in the grocery store!

Eating Alaska said...

Thanks Nicole! Hope it warms up for you guys in Fairbanks soon!