Monday, January 4, 2010

Eating Alaska - Christmas Edition!

Here is the second half of our foodie Christmas exchange!
Here is a cross section of what we sent out to loved ones in different parts of the country.

The base layer is, of course, a smoked Alaska Wild Salmon.  the other box on the left is a selection of chocolates from the Alaska Wildberry store, which have centers of (you guessed it!) wild berry jellies.  On the right are the birch caramels of earlier post fame.  The cylindrical device above that is a reindeer sausage.  The cute little jar is birch syrup from the same maker as the caramels.   

Not everyone got the same stuff - some people don't like fish, some people don't like meat or fish, and so forth.  I don't believe we sent anyone Alaska jellies this year, or AK specific herbal teas.  However, those are some other good options. Some of this, of course, is stuff you wouldn't necessarily eat on a weekly basis.  However, it is indisputably local, and it is indisputably good stuff! 

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