Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 3 - A Spunky Try at Dinner

      This is one the meals we actually sort of planned during our shopping trip - meat!  Mr EA grilled (yes, outside, on our grill) a steak, which we started marinating this morning.  The marinade was a thrown together mix of mustard, oil, seasonings, liquid smoke and vinegar.  It got pretty tasty, and was expertly grilled - mmmm!  With it we had sauteed onions and steamed broccoli.  We didn't think of having steak until we were at the meat department, which is after produce in our store, so we didn't think of potatoes.  However, the veggies were pretty good, so we didn't miss the starch too much.
      Also, in a happy accident, we have a lot of leftover broccoli, which we are thinking about making into an egg pie for dinner tomorrow.  Egg pie is a naming convention that came about because, apparently, men do not eat quiche.  They will eat egg pie, however, so that's what we're having :)  We do have some eggs we need to use up, and have a bag of shredded cheese, so that should all work out.  I'd say I love it when a plan comes together, but of course, we don't have one.  I love it when not having a plan comes together?  I'll work on that and get back to you.

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