Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pho #1 the name of the restaurant and also what you will say when you eat there.
A little place in the Northway Mall near the JoAnne's, Pho #1 is unassuming in appearance, but has very good food.  During a visit yesterday to the Wednesday market, we were trying to decide between the Cajun place and Pho #1. We kind of wandered back and forth across the mall, trying to choose, when a freind whose taste we trust appeared and definitively recommended Pho #1.  He further recommended some dishes, not all of which we were able to try on this visit.
     We got spring rolls to start - which came out approximately the size the big cigars and sizzling hot.  They were tasty on their own, and were accompanied by an intriguing dipping sauce that made them taste even better - shredded carrot and some other veg in a sweet vinegar concoction.  The sauce made an intriguing contrast with the hot, savory rolls. I also got young coconut juice to try it out - very tasty and refreshing.  It has a definite coconut flavor (which it should, as there are hunks of coconut floating in it), but is not overly sweet.  It has a mild, vegetal sort of flavor - delicious!  I also got soup - mildly spicy and very flavorful, I got lemongrass and mushroom soup with tofu cubes.  There was ample tofu in the dish, and also lots of mushrooms - great big chunks of them, meaty and with a deep smoky flavor.  The broth itself was also delicious, complex without being overwhelming, layers of flavor developing with each mouthful.  This is a complex cuisine, and you can definitely taste it in this dish.  Mr. EA got pad Thai with tasty pork and noodles, and garnishes of crushed peanuts, cilantro, lime, and sprouts.  He enjoyed it very much - also a tasty dish.  The garnishes provide intriguing contrasts in flavor and texture, and it was a delicious dish. 
Sadly, we did not have anywhere near enough room to try one of their house special sandwiches, also recommended by our friend, but we'll be back!

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