Friday, December 25, 2009

Eating Florida - or, Christmas for Big Eaters

This year Mr EA and I talked most of our loved ones in distant climes into exchanging family rather than individual presents, and we further talked them into exchanging local-food gifts.  I know the recent complaint has been that there aren't any local foods, and everything is all homogeneous and bland.  Food writers and locavores claim that nowhere in America is regional food prevalent. As a person who has travelled a reasonable amount and now been a local in two different areas of the country - I can tell you that's not true.  Oh, you can live your life like that if you want to.  You can eat only at McDonald's or TGI Friday's and never eat a bite of local food no matter where you go.  However, in most places, that's your choice.
     I cannot reveal what we sent out to our families, as most of the boxes have not gotten to their destinations yet, though they were sent weeks ago (damn you, USPS!).  However, I can reveal the care package we got from my family in Florida...

On the left and across the bottom are salt water taff and flavored coconut patties, the products of Anastatia Confections of Orlando. In the very center of the bottom is some Slim Jim-like devices made of gator!  You will not find this just anywhere - they are the specialy of Alligator Bob's of Thonotosassa, FL.  Mr. EA will be reporting back on those! The marmalade, honey, and citrus candy are from Davidson's of Dundee. Also present and accounted for are a bottle of key lime juice, which really does taste different(slight salty, and kind of musky - in a good way) than regular lime juice.  If you have never had any, I urge you to spring for the higher price and try some.  Last but not least is Pelican Poop coconut candies - the Alaskan analog is moose or reindeer poop. I already dug into these - they are full of coconutty goodness!
     As soon as our Alaskan treat packages arrive at their destination, I will reveal their contents!  So that's something to look forward to :)

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