Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I try to buy King Arthur Flour - Denied!

Well, OK, not denied, but grossly overcharged. 
     I am originally from the Mid-Atlantic states, and used to occasionally buy King Arthur Flour co products - they have pretty good stuff, and it's hard not to be carried away by their enthusiasm.  So I need some baking supplies, and naturally turn to their website. 
     I'm going along, blithely putting purchases in my cart, until I had everything I wanted plus a few things I didn't even know I needed until I got to their site.  At this point, shipping charges are $8, which seemed fair enough.  Then I get to checkout and put in my address, and the shipping changes to $17.50!!!
     I know Alaska's far away and all, but seriously?  We're not on the moon, you know.  Also, the post office has those awesome new flat rate shipping boxes - there's no reason for this.  It's an outrage!  Or a cause for slight pique, at the least. 
 This is the sort of thing that kind of reminds me why there are so many independent providers of goods and services here - shipping has always been a big expense for this state.  So anyway, I am just going to do without my special flavoring things and boiled cider.  For those prices, I will just boil my own darn cider! 
Does anyone know of a west coast provider of baking supplies?  One that understands that AK is part of America?


Nicole said...

I have had the same issues over and over again living in Alaska. If you subscribe to King Arthur, or check their website really often you will find that they often have free shipping offers, the catch of course is that you still pay $9.00 to ship to Alaska, but it is a little more reasonable. I usually make a big list and wait for free shipping. Also, I find a lot of King Arthur products at Fred Meyer. Hope that helps.

Baked Alaska said...

I have dealt with this since living in Alaska. It makes me so mad, but you have 2 choices-you either suck up and pay the charges or you don't order from them. Last night I placed an order from King Arthur, and the shipping cost me $29.50! I ordered $200, so that I took full advantage of that $20 fee (of course that was before that extra $9.50 was tacked on). I've only seen free shipping once, and of course when I went to order the offer had already expired. But I did do a google search for King Arthur cupons, and found a code that saved me 10%. That was a nice thing to help cover the shipping charges.

Eating Alaska said...

Thanks Nicole and Baked Alaska! Helpful info - I will keep an eye out for those coupons and sale days.

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