Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kebab and Curry

This past Tuesday, Mr EA and I and some friends went to the newest addition to Anchorage's Indian restaurant lineup.  Kebab and Curry opened December 14th, according to their website - and still has a few new-restaurant kinks to iron out.  However, the food is delicious! 
   The building in which it is situated is smallish, and does not have acres of parking.  The interior is cheerful, with bright orange walls and a tasteful smattering of Indian art and posters of Beautiful India on the walls.  There are something like 12 tables, and the place was buzzing the entire time we were there, so their suggestion that you make reservations is a good one!  We hadn't, but by luck got seated right away. 
     Once you are seated, you will have some decisions to make.  The impressively hefty menus list an impressively large variety of delicious-sounding things to eat.  There are a good variety of vegetarian options for appetizers and main courses, but there's plenty for meat-eaters as well.  I sat looking at this menu for a good 15 minutes, paralyzed by choice - and that's a good thing! 
     In the end, Mr EA has machhi tikka, spicy catfish kebabs.  He said it was very flavorful, and the fish was perfectly cooked.  He had been hoping for the mixed grill, but they were out of some of the elements of it, so he tried the fish.  We already have plans to come back and the mixed grill is on his list for next time!  I had paneer korma, chunks of fresh cheese in a subtle cashew onion sauce.  The paneer was very good - firm and mild.  The sauce, of which there was literally a bucket, was delicious.  There was a very subtle onion flavor and a complex spice mix that tantalized but did not overwhelm.  The cashew element lent more richness than flavor, which was fine.  The sauce was so good I finished with a spoon and some of the naan we ordered on the side.  Our friends ordered chicken korma and a kebab that I am forgetting the name of.  They also enjoyed theirs very much. 
     The timing was a bit uneven, with things coming out to the table in a weird kind of way.  This is not unusual for new restaurants and is a minor issue but still something to be aware of if you intend to go - which you should if you like Indian. The food was wonderful, and there are so many choices there is sure to be something for everyone.  Go there, you'll be glad you did!

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