Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yo ho ho and bottle of...

As you might expect of two childless adults with a tiki room in their house, Mr EA and I like to keep a bottle of rum on hand.  Just in case we need a tiki drink.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say we like to keep a couple of bottles of rum around.  For our regular rums, we generally keep one or another of the Bacardi varieties around.  (I support them because of their pro-bat stance.)  We also like to keep Captain Morgan's spiced rum on hand, because it is one of the more flavorful rums around.  (Also, Mr EA appreciates their pro-fictional-pirate stance.)
Anyway.  This weekend we decided to try out Cruzan's Black Strap Rum just because it looked interesting.  And we're extremely glad we did!  It is a strongly flavored dark rum that is great either straight or as part of mixed drinks.  There is a pronounced molasses flavor, as well as hints of smoke and pepper.  Rum in general tastes pretty good, but this stuff is such a step above it makes you drink slowly and savor.  If this sort of thing appeals to you, give it a try. 

1 out of 1 yard-pirates agree - it's Aaarrrr restingly delicious!

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