Saturday, November 14, 2009

Middle Way Cafe

Mr EA and I got up at the crack of dawn today (OK, really 8 am) to meet friends for breakfast at the Middle Way Cafe.  For those of you playing along from Anchorage, it is located in midtown in the same mall as REI and Title Wave. 
Inside, the place is a great big room made cheerful by brightly colored walls and a wide array of art on the walls (which seemed to be available for purchase).  It is semi-cafeteria style, in that you go to the counter to place your order, but then staff bring it out to you.  The menu is semi-hippy, but there is something for everyone.  Our friends had been there several times for lunch and had very much enjoyed the sandwiches and salads available, but breakfast was new territory for them as well. 
   Mr EA got a regular breakfast (don't recall the name of it) which consisted of two eggs, bacon, toast and homefries.  I got an omelette which I believe was called the Shepherd's omelette.  It was filled with spinach, onions, roasted red peppers and feta cheese and topped with a sprinkling of pine nuts. My omelette was very good, and also very large.  I started with the home fries, which was an enormous serving.  Their "home fries" consisted of halved or quartered new potatoes cooked through and fried to a crisp.  Mr EA did not like the potatoes, but I liked them very much.  My omelette was very tasty, with vegetables cooked just enough to be soft, but not completely mushy. It could have used a bit more cheese, but that is a minor complaint.  Mr EA loved his bacon, which was thickcut and delicious.  His eggs were also fine.  We each also got an enormous slab of sourdough toast, which were tasty as well.  The prices were reasonable, and so was the food.  All in all, breakfast was not stunning, but it was certainly tasty enough and well cooked.  Add the charm of a funky and unique restaurant, and you have a winning breakfast experience.  If you haven't been there, try it out.  You'll be glad you did!

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