Sunday, November 1, 2009

Old favorites revisited

Although I've written about all of our favorites in the past, several of them deserve another mention, for various reasons. 
Moose's Tooth - as always - Best.  Pizza. Ever! 
Also, we were there for lunch this past Saturday, and got intrigued into trying a dessert listed on their specials menu - Maple Bacon cake.  I know - it sounds weird, but bear with me.  When it arrived, it was a layer cake with two layers of maple-flavored cake with tasty bits of bacon liberally scattered throughout.  A reasonable 1/4" stripe of peanut-buttercream icing joined the layers together.  The cake itself was modestly sweet with a pronounced maple flavor.  The bacon cut the sweetness with salty, smoky bacon-osity.  A bite of the cake itself strongly suggested a pancake and bacon breakfast with maply syrup over both.  The peanutbutter icing, which I avoided at first, actually augmented the flavors, adding both saltiness and sweetness.  All in all, this is an unusual treat.  If it sounds like something you'd like, it probably is.  But don't wait too long - it's only on the specials menu, so it probably is limited time only.  Try it - you'll be glad you did!
Arctic Roadrunner - Local Burgerman
This is one place I wrote about early in the life of this blog, when I was not really sure how in-depth I wanted to get with stuff.  In the year and a bit since, we have been back to Arctic Roadrunner many, many times, and have grown to love it more every time.  The decor is a major part of the charm.  The building is basically a big log cabin, and wood is a prominent decorative motif.  In season, outdoor dining is available.  You get to sit next to a beautiful stream, so it's worth doing if possible.  The time we ate outside, a gang of roving ducks was working the tables, and we wound up throwing them most of our fries in self-defense!  But it was still a beautiful place to set and eat.  The best part, though, is the pictures and life stories of patrons and friends of Arctic Roadrunner.  Everywhere you look, pictures of couples, fisherfolk, service pictures, family pictures.  With most of the pictures, a sort of life-story and ususally the date they started coming to the restaurant.  We like to sit at a different table every time we go, so we get to see different pictures. 
     However, as cool as the pictures are, the food is still the main attraction.  It is a burger and sandwich joint, and there isn't a bad thing on the menu.  Although vegetarians will find slim pickings, there is a really good toasted cheese sandwich on the menu, so there is something at any rate.  There are many varieties of burger, with an interesting array of toppings available.  There are also breaded fish sandwiches and a couple of other sandwiches.  It is worth your while to check out the specials board - we have had some awesome sandwiches that are not on the regular menu - a beef au jus most notably.  The sides are likewise exceptional - the fries are pretty good, and the onion rings are perfect - real onion!  If you are in the mood for a great burger or sandwich, Arctic Roadrunner is a great place.  Try it - I bet you'll like it!

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