Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snacks from across the sea

My Mom and Dad, after a recent visit to my cousin in Hawaii, kindly sent me some snacks from their tropical vacation. They sent us some Kona coffee, Kona coffee candy and several varieties of macadamia nuts, and we're glad they did!
The Kona coffee is very good - very rich and with a bright sort of flavor. Produced by the Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company, it is clearly a product of specialists who focus in on their key product to its benefit as well as ours. When you go to their website you see that focus. They do Kona coffee. That's basically it. Oh, there's a decaf, and a couple of flavored versions, and a few macadamia nut treats, probably for the tourists. They also don't offer different roasts or blends. They do one kind of coffee - here it is. It is in the rotation of special weekend coffees with our Raven's Brew blends. The Kona coffee candies are delicious little squares of hard candy that have the flavor of coffee with milk and sugar - almost a caramelly richness. They are a huge hit both here at home and at my work, where I took in a scant handful to share.
The macadamia varieties they sent us were Lightly Salted, Caramel Coated, and Kona (yes, more coffee!) Coffee Glazed. All were delicous and had that great crisp, rich snappy texture you get from fresh nuts. The caramel and coffee glazed ones had great candy coatings, which is gilding the lily, but it's delicious gilding. The caramel was a good balance of salty with sweet that made them really delicious. The coffee glazing was sweet and strong enough to give a good coffee flavor without overwhelming the macadamias. Mmmmmmmm!
They also sent us pictures of a Burger King menu with Spam as a breakfast option. We may now need to go to Hawaii too!

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Feathers said...

Aww. I've been wanting to go to Hawaii for a long time now..and one of my co-workers just left for Hawaii yesterday, and my supervisor just got back from Hawaii.. And now you tell me they have SPAM in (at least one of) their Burger Kings?? * besotted sigh* =)