Friday, February 13, 2009

Golden Gate Chinese

Today for lunch I went with some friends to Golden Gate Chinese, located in a strip mall on Tudor (same mall as Thai Kitchen and one of the Taco Kings). We have been there several times, and I've tried a couple of different meals. A bunch of their lunch plates are combos - with more than one type of entree per plate - as well as rice and an egg roll. Lunch comes with tea and a bowl of a vegetable and egg soup, which come more or less as a matter of course. I have had a couple of beef dishes, Szechuan vegetables and a sweet and sour chicken - all have been good! Today's lunch was Hunan beef, which was good, although I could not finish. This leads me to a side comment. Word to the spicy heat sensitive - when you say spicy, prepare to burn. The proprietress asked how spicy I wanted it, and I shrugged offhandedly and said "Spicy, I guess". I knew I was in trouble when it came out and looked like a plate of hot pepper fragments and seeds. It was only by dint of vigorous excavation that I got to the layer of beef and vegetables. It was so tasty that I ate about half of it even though it was hurting me. I was sweating and my mouth was burning like crazy. What I got of the flavor, before my taste buds died, was very tasty - the beef was tender and flavorful, and the vegetables at that perfect state of crisp-tenderness. Although today's meal hurt me, I haven't had a bad one yet. They have a good selection of Chinese-American standards, all of which they prepare really well. Add a nifty decor and a friendly proprietress, and you have a good place to eat!


Gary said...

Both my wife and I love Chinese. My wife can take spicy, (the more the better), and I, less so. It appears that you have a fine variety of good Chinese dining establishments. I think I'd be in plenty of trouble with the spiciness you refer to, but my wife would love it!

We live in Ottawa, Canada's Capital, where there is a sizable Chinese community with some very good restaurants. We also have a very good selection of Italian restaurants in our Italian sector.

We enjoyed your blog and invite you to visit ours at

All the best,

Gary & Jo Ann

FreeBeing said...

Welcome to Anchorage!

Golden Gate is one of my faves. You're right about being prepared to burn if yo opt for spicy. I'm one of the "heat sensitive" customers! But I love the portions and the service. Nice. There is a nice place up on Gov't Hill also. I cannot for the life of me remember the name, but they are at that strip mall on the right side at the intersection. I loved their food & really have to get back up there.

Enjoy Anchorage!

Eating Alaska said...

Gary and Free
Thank you for reading and for your comments! Free, I will look for the place on Government Hill - thanks for the tip!