Sunday, November 30, 2008

The White Spot

The White Spot Cafe comes highly recommended by many locals. Like so many other restaurants here, it is basically a mom-and-pop operation serving well-made basic food. They have a reputation for having colorful staff, who will throw you out if you misorder or in some other way act dumb. Nothing untoward happened while we were there, but it is not the tourist season, so who can say.
The decor is one of those interesting jumbles that make a place seem homey and eclectic, and give the solitary diner some things to look at, which is nice. We had fun pointing out different little things, like a patch from a police department near where my parents live (Pinellas Park) and a warning sign pointing out that the property is protected by 2 guys with knives. It may not sound funny, but it is when you are there.
The food is basic - sandwiches and burgers and that sort of thing. Their signature item is a halibut sandwich, which Mr EA had one of and enjoyed very much. I had a BLT, which was also delicious. They seem to use quality ingredients- we both had fresh tomato slices and crisp lettuce on our sandwiches, which is no mean feat for Alaska in November. The best thing of all though, was the fries. They were fresh and extremely crispy, and just delicious. Overall, this is another example of a modest eatery with very good, plain food. If you are downtown and want a sandwich without a lot of frills, this is the place for you.

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