Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thai Kitchen

OK, it's not Thai food I don't like - it's food from Thai Village of earlier post fame. After my earlier attempts at appreciating this cuisine, I was a bit nervous to try it again. However, a couple of visits to Thai Kitchen have changed my mind completely. I have been there a few times for lunch over the past couple of weeks with people from work, and have enjoyed it immensely.
The best option for lunch is their buffet. For $8, you get three items and a serving of sticky rice. The counter person dishes it out for you, and the portions are generous. The available items seem to rotate somewhat, as some items seem to always be on the steam table while others have changed. There are vegetarian items available, with quite a few tofu options each time I was there. Also available are fresh rolls (3 rolls and a cup of sauce are $5), a variety of soft drinks, and tea. What really capped my feelings about Thai was when I had the same beef curry thing I had at Thai Village about a month ago. There it was watery and bland and more than a little gross. The same dish at Thai Kitchen was spicy and flavorful, with tender beef cubes and peanuts that had retained their structural integrity. I have had a bunch of different things there, which I unfortunately don't know the names of, and everything has been delicious. My coworkers have reported similar satisfaction levels, and none of them are shy about saying when they don't like things. So I think I can extrapolate from this that everything they have is good food!
Thai Kitchen, located in a strip mall on Tudor, has great food at great prices.

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Laurie Constantino said...

You should also try Thai Orchid (on King Street off Diamond - across from Costco). I love their green curry and pretty much everything else they serve.