Saturday, November 15, 2008

Burrito Factory

This morning, acting on a hot tip from the Anchorage Daily News, we made a rare foray out for breakfast. I had read in Friday's paper that a local place called-yes-The Burrito Factory, made some pretty great breakfast burritos in addition to their great burritos for lunch and dinner. What made this an urgent mission was the information that they have Spam and egg burritos. Mr. EA loves Spam.
This is not an atmosphere eatery. Because it is in a Chevron gas station. However, they do have two booths, and if you are lucky and move fast enough, you might snag one. Otherwise, the burritos are wrapped to go, and you are not missing out on much ambiance if you eat in your car. The variety of fillings you can get in these burritos is absolutly stunning, especially when you consider that they are working in a smallish space, which again, is in a gas station. Nevertheless, in the 1/2 hour or so we were there, there was not a minute without at least a short line to order. They keep the orders moving pretty well, and their many happy customers seemed to be in and out in 5-10 minutes, depending on the complexity of their orders.
Mr EA's order was a forgone conclusion - he very much enjoyed his egg and Spam burrito. I had an egg and potato burrito. Both came with cheese and sour cream and salsa - you get to choose your heat level. My burrito was very tasty - egg and potato are kind of bland by themselves, and the condiments really perked them up. Everything was well cooked, the burrito was expertly constructed, and I very much enjoyed mine as well. Reading through the menu has us intrigued - we will be back!

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