Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're Back!

What we did with our summer

Well, it has been an eventful couple of months! We bought a house and moved, we had visitors, we did some painting in our new house (with our visitors' help) then I was plain lazy, then I couldn't remember my password, but now we're back!

Over the last few months, we have done a lot of revisiting of old favorites, but we have also gotten to some new places - some just new and some new to us. I'll be writing about Muse, Tango, Spenard Roadhouse, and Hula Hands over the next couple of weeks. We found some great food shops, mostly established, but new to us. Specifically, Mr. Prime Beef and New Sagayia (sp?) Market. And I've been trying out some new recipes - including candy! I plan to share my exciting kitchen adventures on that score as well.

One thing I wanted to mention today, though. Saveur magazine (and if you are interested in food, I recommend you check it out) is looking for subjects for their next year's 100 best issue, and the subject is food-related things that have inspired you. I nominated the food scene here in Anchorage! Yes, the whole dang thing! We have great restaurants - representing an extremely wide variety of cuisines and the whole range from greasy spoons to fine dining. We've got great shops. We've got excellent local ingredients. We've got passionate eaters. I have found more to inspire me as a cook and an eater in Anchorage than anywhere else I've ever been. If you think so too, go to Saveur and let them know!

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Baked Alaska said...

Glad to see you're back. I've enjoyed reading your restaurant reviews. Makes me realize Anchorage has more to offer than I sometimes think it does.