Thursday, May 7, 2009

Namaste again!

As predicted, as soon as Mr EA heard how great Namaste Shangri-La was, he wanted to visit for dinner. So we did.
As you can imagine, the decor and atmosphere are pretty much exactly the same as they were yesterday, so I'll skip that part of the general review.
Mr EA got a lamb kebab and I got Aloo Cauliflower, both of which came with the same salad and rice as described yesterday, and we also again got the side of garlic naan. Both entrees were as delicious as the saag paneer was yesterday.
Mr EA's lamb was very tender and flavorful, and was served with two sauces, one of which seemed cilantro-based, and another that was tart and a little sour - I would guess plums were involved, but that is purely a guess. He loved it very much, and I enjoyed my bites as well. My Aloo Cauliflower was also very tasty, with a medium spicy creamy tomato-based sauce. Sadly, the sauce was not as plentiful as with the saag paneer, but one can't have everything!
Another great visit, two more great meals!

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