Thursday, March 12, 2009

General Scene - IV

Grocery Stores
OK, not really part of eating out, but it is definitely part of the food scene. If you can't find the ingredients, you are a bit stuck for cooking. I'm happy to report that in Anchorage, you are not going to be stuck for too many recipes! This place has some of the best markets, super and otherwise, that I have ever seen. The two major supermarket chains are Fred Meyer's and Carr's. Of these two, Carr's is definitely trying to market itself as the more upscale of the two, and indeed it is "nicer" in its presentation and the prices are considerably higher. However, for variety and quality, as well as price, we like Fred. We are constantly astounded by the variety of choices they carry, especially as we are pretty darn far away from the rest of the country. Also, the produce. Oh, good heavens the produce! The produce available here is so much better and fresher than what was available in PA that it is absolutely astounding. It would not surprise me to find that a good deal of it is shipped up from California, and I am told that some comes from Washington state, which makes sense. Also the variety of Latin and Asian groceries available just in Fred Meyer's alone is amazing.
In addition to the major stores, there are also a number of Asian markets all over Anchorage, most notably New Sagaya . They don't carry just Asian, but that does seem to be the specialty. They are sort of your gourmet/specialty/hard-to-find store. Also, it is a wildly diverting place to spend a Saturday morning. You will find things you never even heard of - some you will want to forget as quickly as possible, others you will take home with you.
Finally, there are specialty stores. I have seen several butcher/game shops around town, but have not had occasion to try them out yet. For chocolate, Modern Dwellers of earlier post fame is the place to go. And for spices, tea, condiments, and chocolate, Summit Spice and Tea is the go-to shop. Between these options, there are very few food items or beverages you couldn't find. Allez cuisine!

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Laurie Constantino said...

you should check out natural pantry (across from sagaya). they have an intersting collection of foods.