Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cafe Savannah

During our downtown adventures last week, we stopped in Cafe Savannah, a tapas bar on 6th avenue. The first thing you will notice from the street is the elaborate fused glass hanging in the front window. Inside, the walls are adorned with various works of art. The tables themselves are funky creations with altered silverware and glass embedded in them. Although the menu includes sandwiches and soup as well as some entrees, we chose to graze from the tapas menu. We had chorizo fondue - which was a rich cheese sauce thick with savory sausage bits. Though this was certainly not diet food, but it was not heavy or oily at all. This came with bread slices for dipping. We both enjoyed this, especially Mr. EA. Our second dish was garlic bread with cheese. The garlic flavor was just right - definitely there but not overwhelming. Next was Beef Kabobs, which were served with a spicy sauce that I think might have been harissa sauce. These were perfectly done and had a rich flavor we very much enjoyed. The standout from my perspective was the patatas bravas, which were baked potato wedges with a spicy tomato pepper sauce. After my first bite I ceded the majority of the chorizo fondue to Mr EA in exchange for the majority of the potatoes. Carnivore that he is, he agreed immediately. These four appetizer plates filled us up to the point that dessert, or even coffee were completely out of the question. And our entire bill was around 25$ - a definite bargain. We are already planning our next trip back!


Feathers said...

That does it, after reading your review of Cafe Savannah, I think we are definitely going to have to go there next! I've walked past it several times on my way to visit my dad in his office on 7th, and have always wondered what exactly kind of food they offered.! ..Well, wonder no more!
And the sheer variety, for $25, can't be beat. =)

..On a side note: We've been away from our computers for a while (we're on a stay-cation! ^_^) and just had to pop on to check absolute essentials.. And, I think it's kind of funny, but your food blog has become one of my online 'essentials'! ^_^

Eating Alaska said...

Feathers, I really hope you like Cafe Savannah - there's a lot to try out. Hope you have been having a great staycation:) That is so sweet!