Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Meal in Alaska

My first meal in Alaska took place shortly after I got off the plane. I had flown in from Pennsylvania (and boy were my arms tired!) and had basically had some breath mints and a small bag of pretzels to eat over the past 18 hours, due to a series of misadventures. Anyway, my blood sugar was low and I had roughly one molecule of patience left when my husband picked me up from the airport. Realizing I was not fit to be seen in public, he whisked me off to our new home, where he ordered us a pizza.
Now, I know what you are probably thinking. Pizza. First meal in Alaska, big deal, actually bothering to write a review of home delivery pizza. BUT...let me explain to you why this was such a very big deal, and noteworthy, to me at least. In our last two homes in eastern Pennsylvania-both of which were in suburban areas, I might add-we were totally unable to have pizza delivered to our house. Could not find a pizza restautant that would send a pie to our house. So the fact that we moved to Alaska, purportedly the wilds, the end of the earth, and were able to get pizza delivered right to our door, absolutely dumbfounded me.
Anyway, we ordered from Sicilys Pizza - so even in Alaska the "Italian" meme is intact. Not only did we order a delivery pizza, but we ordered it online! Advanced! Their pizza options are really wide. You can get thick or thin crust, a wide variety of toppings including standards like pepperoni and peppers and some different things like gyro meat and feta cheese. Also, you get a little cup of garlic butter dipping sauce. We got a fairly standard pizza-pepperoni and green peppers, which duly appeared at our house about 1/2 hour later. It was pretty good!

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