Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bear Tooth Brew Pub and Theater

The neatest eating experience we have had here in Anchorage has to be the Bear Tooth Theater Pub. It appears to be an Anchorage institution, and I can already tell we will be going there as often as we can manage it.
The Bear Tooth is a movie theater that shows a variety of different movies each week from 2nd run mainstream movies to kids movies to classics to arthouse flicks. Movie ticket prices are $3 each for adults (no idea what kid's tickets cost). But here's the great part. At the lobby concession stand, you can order an actual meal. Some of the options are bar-style appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches and wraps, and that sort of thing. We split an order of Wonderful Little Garlic Treats and a margherita pizza. The appetizers were very good - very flavorful but not so garlic-y that we needed to avoid all human contact until they wore off. The pizza was pretty standard - tasty and well done. As an added bonus, the Bear Tooth is attached to a local craft brewery, so you can buy good beer and wine in the theater as well!
So how it works is, you place your order and receive a mini-construction cone with a number on it. You go in the theater and pick out your seats. Seats are in rows with a rectangular table in front of each row. You go get your beer or wine. A server brings your order in to you when it is ready and takes your cone. You watch the movie and eat. Enjoy!

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