Monday, July 5, 2010


So this week's story has its roots in events that transpired around Christmas.  As long-term readers know, I am gradually attempting to learn candy-making.  A coworker who also knew this went home for Christmas, and while there helped her family clear out her late grandmother's possessions.  Among her grandmother's belongings were some candy molds.  She texted me and asked if I wanted the molds, adding that they were going to be thrown out if I didn't want them.  "Sure!"  I replied.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and boxes start arriving at work.  Big boxes.  Full of chocolate molds. 
My coworker did say "There are a LOT of molds." She wasn't kidding.  These boxes are a treasure trove of molds - holiday themed, kid themed, character molds, just about anything you can imagine. 

I sorted through them and weeded out most of the duplicates, which I offered to another lady at work who sometimes makes candy too. 
Since these things came to work, everyone else got into the act and demanded chocolates.  I resolved to make some candy for the lady who gave me the molds and some for work friends, and we'll see for everyone else.  Maybe eventually. 
Now I have tried various caramels and toffee and that sort of thing, but no chocolates so far.  Why?  Because when I read about it, there was a whole bunch of stuff about tempering and maintaining precise temperatures and other stuff that made me nervous. 
But now I kind of have to do it, so I got myself to Michael's and bought a bunch of candy disks in a variety of colors and a couple of different flavors. 

Knowing that if I let myself think about it too much I'd stall, I went right home and threw some chocolate disks into the top of a double boiler.  I set the burner to medium low and started stirring.  In no time at all, it was smoothly melted and ready to be spooned into the molds. 
It turned out to be not that hard at all!  You spoon the chocolate into the molds, then tap them (the molds) on the counter a couple of time to shake loose any bubbles, then chuck them into the fridge to firm up. I gave the lady who gave me the molds got a couple batches of chocolate, and I owe her a lot more.  When she tried her first piece, she said "This tastes just like Grandma's", which was pretty cool.  The recipients enjoyed their chocolate, I'm over my fear, and I have a kitchen full of molds. 
There are plenty more steps to take down this road.  There's filled chocolates, chocolates with flavorings added, and chocolates with different colors painted into the molds so they look all artsy.  So plenty of candy adventures left to have!

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