Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Burger Cache

For the past year and a half, I have occasionally driven past the Burger Cache on Northern Lights and thought "That looks interesting..." but then never quite managed to check it out.  It looks a bit like a dive, and possibly abandoned as well.  However, a group of people from work ordered in today, and I'm sure glad we did. 
Burger Cache is another one of those places, which are fairly common up here, that have a kind of weird variety of items on their menu.  In this case, American and Chinese fast-food favorites.  There's a fairly large selection in each category, so there's something for everyone.  My coworkers and I ordered from the American section, getting a selection of burgers and deep-fried treats on the side. 
Their burger selection is intriguing, including a Hawaiian burger (pineapple and a bunch of other stuff), a Taste Burger, a New York burger, and a Cache burger, which had such a huge selection of toppings on it that it seemed like it would either be inedible or the best burger ever in the history of meat sandwiches.  It had pepperoni and ham and cheese and onions and mushrooms - and possibly some other things I'm not remembering.  I was tempted, but in the end went with a mushroom cheeseburger, and added bacon on for an extra $1.50.  I also got a side of fried mushrooms, which come with ranch dipping sauce.  The burger was amazing - meaty and moist and flavorful.  The toppings (bacon, mushrooms, cheese, onion, and possibly some mayo) were present in enough force that I could taste them, but not piled on to the point where I could taste nothing else.  All in all, an outstanding burger!  The fried mushrooms were not that awesome, sadly.  The breading next to the mushrooms was soggy and kind of icky.  Fried mushrooms are kind of hard to get, though.  I did get to try some of their fries ( both regular and steak fries), which are beer battered and really delicious.  When choosing a side, I urge you to go for the fries - of the two things I tasted, they are definitely the better option. 
     I am continually amazed by the sheer volume of funky little joints all around Anchorage where you can get great, interestingly unique fast food.  Burger Cache just got added to my personal list, along with Arctic Roadrunner and  White Spot.  I still need to check out Burger Jim and Wee Bs.  Anchorage readers - got any other favorites?  Let me know!

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