Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Arctic Roadrunner

This past weekend we went to a local restaurant known variously as Local Burgerman and Arctic Roadrunner. This is, as you might expect, a burger restaurant. Which is local. The menu consists of a few different kinds of burgers, various sandwiches (toasted cheese, ham, BLTs), fries and onion rings, and various other burger restaurant style sides and accessories.

The burger were very good - flavorful and juicy, no special quirks or anything, just good solid burgers. Where this place really stands out is its atmosphere. The interior is decorated log-cabin style, and the walls are covered with pictures and biographies of customers, as well as random Alaskiana. The place has been open since sometime in the 60's, so there are a lot of stories and pictures. It gives you something interesting to look at and read while you are eating, which is always nice. The prices were very reasonable, and it was a good overall burger experience.

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Anonymous said...

Its always nice to hear great things about my grandfathers restraunt.

-jacob sanchis