Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bored? Try sourdough!

I have been unemployed for about a week now. In that time, I have sent out roughly a hundred resumes a day, cleaned the apartment as much as I plan to, and caught up on some reading and crafts. There will, of course, be more of these things on a daily basis, but I need a project, something to really grit my teeth over. So, naturally, I thought of sourdough.

I tried it once before, years ago, and it was not pretty. I wound up with a bowlful of pink, stinky slime, which I promptly threw out. (Our house at the time was in the woods and I threw it out the back door into the woods. Wild animals wouldn't even touch it. It laid there, stinking, until it finally decomposed about a month later.) Anyway, this time will be different! I am living in one of America's two hotbeds of sourdough - the other being San Francisco - so for some reason I think that will make a difference. There's some thing about frontier gold rush locations that brings out the need for fermented bread products.

I plan to approach this project in steps. First step - info gathering! Next will be resource gathering. Then I will actually try to produce some sourdough sponge. Then I will attempt to make some actual food based on the sourdough. So this should keep me out of trouble for a week or so - if anything can. Stay tuned, gentle reader, for the next installment of The Sourdough Chronicles

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